Four Round Competitions

Four Competitions are held over the winter period. The winners, in each section, are the photographers who gain the highest aggregate score in that section for his or her entries.
There are sections for colour prints, monochrome prints and PDIs (Projected Digital Image

Print Panel Competition

This is a competition which is for a panel of three prints connected in some way to form a cohesive panel. (Please see the rules for a more detailed explanation.)

Annual Competition

The Club holds an Annual Competition where all members are encouraged to enter their work. There are various sections to suit all types of photography.

Alternative Reality

This is an opportunity to create some images that display your use of imagination and manipulative skills to produce something different!

Photographer of the Year

The winner is the club member who achieves the highest overall score in the season’s competitions. For a chance of gaining this accolade simply enter as many images as you can in all of the club’s competitions.

Inter-club Competitions

The Settle Trophy is an inter-club competition held between DCC, Selby, Wakefield and Howden Camera Clubs. Members are invited to submit work for this competition. A panel of work is then selected to represent our club in the competition.
Occasionally, we do take part in other interclub competitions. Details will be made available, as they are known.

The YPU Exhibition

The annual YPU Exhibition is another opportunity to exhibit your work and possibly represent Yorkshire in the national PAGB exhibition.
Any member of the YPU may enter this competition as an individual. Each year our club’s YPU representative will collect your submissions.
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