Definitions Adhered to by Doncaster Camera Club


In general, subjects should be free and unrestricted, in a natural or adopted habitat, they should be untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat. No kind of manipulation that alters the truth of the image is permissible, except for the removal of minor distractions or blemishes. ie. removal of dust spots etc. Natural History Images must be titled with either the Common Name or Scientific Name, or both. No other title may be used.


Portrait photography is the capture by means of photography of the likeness of a person or a small group of people (a group portrait), in which the face and expression is predominant.

British Garden Birds

Images of birds found in our gardens as indicated by the BTO’s (British Trust for Ornithology) list of British garden birds. Images of birds not on the list will not be accepted.
Click here to see the list :- BTO List


Pictorial photography is the use of the photographic medium as an art form. The emphasis is on interest, visual impact, composition, and technical excellence. Images in the Pictorial Division are not confined to any particular subject, type, or style of photography. Pictorial images may be manipulated in the darkroom, on the computer or in the camera.


Record photography should be regarded as an exercise in excellence. It usually involves the photographing of man-made structures or artefacts but also includes archaeological objects.

The resulting image should be an accurate representation with detail visible in the full range of tones. The whole image should be in sharp focus with no converging verticals/horizontals or other distortion.

Sport / Photojournalism

Sports photography can be of any sport played by either amateur or professionals.

Photojournalism can be defined as photography intended to convey information about a topical event or events.

Altered Reality

A Creative print and /or DPI is generally accepted as being an image which is a departure from a straight presentation, having received some form of obvious manipulation. All components of the image MUST be the work of the author.

Please Note

These definitions apply to all inter-club competitions, and exhibitions held by the PAGB, YPU & RPS (Royal Photographic Society)